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"Wright does a beautiful job of expressing King's hope and his disillusionment, his tenderness and his rage. He demonstrates the dreamer whose bleak circumstances overwhelm his dreams."
Theatre Mania

"A 30-something King, played with intense determination by Bowman Wright, has gotten out of jail, gotten himself a job, gotten married, and is now fixated on buying himself a video store so that his new wife and their soon-to-be first child will have a piece of the American Dream.

Wright’s King is the storm around which all the other storms swirl. His hurricane of desire, a desire that cannot be contained, becomes the gold-standard by which all desires are then judged.

Wright’s performance is brilliant. He pulls the audience in with his authenticity and passion and boundlessness." - DC metro theatre arts

"Nothing tops Wright’s explosion as the frustrated, no-luck Hedley looks in every direction and practically threatens war on the whole world." - Washington Post

"The towering performance of the character by Bowman Wright seems even doubly so since his last ringing performance at Arena was as Martin Luther King Jr. in The Mountaintop. With that, going from one King to another as it were, the extremes of American black experience rile him to the verge of combustion." - Maryland Theatre Guide

"Bowman Wright stars in the title role after his appearance with the company as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in “The Mountaintop.” This King, newly released from prison after seven years, vacillates between kindness and fury.

It’s impossible to take your eyes off Bowman, for one thing. He’s volatile and unpredictable, undergirding his explosive anger with inarticulate sorrow." - Washington City Paper

"Hedley ( a fiery, unforgettable Bowman Wright )" - Broadway World


"Bowman Wright is captivating as Walter Lee Younger/Brother. Wright accurately and consistently connects with the conflicting goals and emotions of this man. Not being the accepted head of the household, Walter has different conflicts with each of his family members as well as within himself. This role, as with most of the roles in this story, is multi-layered and complex. It would exceedingly easy to play Walter as a constantly angry and bitter man who feels the world has conspired to keep him down. Wright weaves his understanding of the character and his considerable talent to successfully share the complexities of this man and believably show the anger, bitterness, and disappointments that affect Walter’s life, interwoven with the hopes and dreams that also keep him going." - The Column Awards

"Bowman Wright gives the show’s most powerful performance as Walter Lee. He grounds the character’s volcanic rage in a sense of reality." - Dallas News

"Walter Lee (versatile Bowman Wright)" - Dallas Observer


"Performance-wise, Wright and Kalukango are both first rate. Wright’s portrayal of King is spot on. Wright sounds and looks just like him, and he also captures King’s passion as well as his love for his wife Coretta. It also struck me that King had a bit of an ego from watching this show. This was surprising to me, but Wright’s performance is so good you forgive it and really get to focus on the man himself." - Md. Theatre Guide

Wright ably inhabits the soul and body of a man who, despite his larger-than-life qualities as a leader, worries about smelly feet and enjoys cigarettes, whiskey, and being around attractive women. - Talkin Broadway


The acting is across-the-board superb. - NY Times


Bowman Wright gives a charismatic performance as Lincoln. He almost sublimates the character to make Booth more glitzy. However, he takes over the drama with his powerful monologue in the last mesmerizing scene. - Talkin Broadway


Other standouts in the uniformly excellent cast are Bowman Wright as Cory, who puts the audience on his side from the very beginning; and Ray Anthony Thomas as Gabe, heartbreaking in his unquestioning trust and his attachment to Troy and Rose. - Talkin Broadway

Bowman Wright is winningly boyish as Lymon, the country boy who has come to town and is amazed at the prospect of loose women in tight dresses. - Hampton Roads

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